January 18, 2022


A car with flowers in the front
Description automatically generated with low confidenceWEDDING CARS 2022: Riding your first car as a newlywed is an exciting and precious moment. Decorating your own set of wheels can help make this moment even more special, so we’re sharing some of our favorite wedding car decoration ideas to brighten your imagination. Whether it’s on the way to your reception after your ceremony, or at the end of the night when you say goodbye to your guests and make your splendid departure, a car ride is likely to be one of the first (and some) occasions. . You Have a great time with your spouse on this big day – then count it! Traditionally, it is the responsibility of the wedding party (especially the groom) to decorate the holiday car, but you can consider it as your wedding planner, style conscious friend, or take care of it yourself. Keep in mind that if you are renting a car, you must get permission from your wedding vendor before applying any makeup.


A car with flowers on the hood
Description automatically generated with medium confidenceLay a garland of greenery on the trunk of the car and complete the decoration by placing a bunch of flowers on each end. The finished result is a classic with a twist. Petals is here to offer a wide range of wedding garlands made using fragrant flowers like roses, jasmine, orchids etc. Along with wedding garlands, we also offer matching necklaces of different categories. The Milni necklace plays an important role in the Milni ceremony during the wedding. During the ceremony, members of the bride’s family greet the groom by exchanging a garland of garlands, a symbol of the relationship between the two families. It is customary for the bride to receive the groom warmly and to show acceptance of the marriage. So to give the bride and groom’s family a fabulous wedding experience, we are offering a fabulous and traditional matching necklace. You can log on to our website and provide the necessary information like name, mobile number and email to request a callback regarding the wedding garland and match necklace. Depending on your choice and budget, you can choose from a variety of services offered to make your wedding celebration a memorable event in life.

Cloth marks

A white car with red ribbon
Description automatically generated with low confidenceA cranberry red sign appears in front of an antique white car. When paired with a floral swag for gold calligraphy and matching, the idea is absolutely stunning. Special moments of life need to be loved and celebrated, so we have a special collection of cards for every lovely moment of life, be it busy, wedding, birthday, or housewife party. A look at our card section will amaze you. We also offer a full customization option to give the card your personal touch and if you are looking for something royal we have fantastic scroll invitation cards.

Tin cans

We can’t resist the idea of ​​this classic wedding car decoration, and if you’re a fan of tradition, you’ll probably agree! Teen Box is a wonderful wedding detail – in life and when can you walk the streets and, following you, grab everyone’s attention? Packing cans on your bumper may seem like a no-brainer, but if you don’t take the time to plan everything (seriously), they run the risk of looking loose. Needless to say, just make sure to use the empty box! Then, remove any labels from the boxes, and attach them using durable strings or ropes that won’t break after a few minutes of driving.

Laser-cut sign

A car with flowers on the hood
Description automatically generated with low confidenceA gold laser-cut sign is a versatile choice for practically any type of car or wedding style. Combine the symbol of rural chic with eucalyptus garlands, oversized Tesla and an old pickup truck.


A car with flowers in the trunk
Description automatically generated with medium confidenceA garland of flowers is a timeless and chic wedding car decoration. Prepare it with ribbons for extra pizza, or display a wreath on your own for a more subtle effect (it will look absolutely cute!)

Shiny flowers and ribbons

A car with flowers in the trunk
Description automatically generated with low confidenceFor playful couples, bright flowers and long, rear ribbons add a whimsical effect to any tourist car. Think about which colors best match the color of the car’s paint, such as these bright yellow and pink roses against white variables.

Wedding hashtag

A couple stands in front of a bus
Description automatically generated with medium confidenceIf you are taking your entire wedding party, you will probably need a larger vehicle, such as a private shuttle or school bus. Use that extra space to decorate the party with your wedding hashtag! Thanks to family ties, the couple painted their hashtag on the side of the bus, but custom sign is a great temporary option that is easily removed on your wedding day.

Greenery and bow

A picture containing car, outdoor, parked, transport
Description automatically generatedThis romantic combo touches our hearts. Add the “Just Married” calligraphy symbol with a pink bow and greenery blush to achieve this vintage-inspired look. There is nothing more memorable than a wedding car. Two Love Birds are embarking on a new journey, saying goodbye to their family and friends. Having a married car can be really affordable even for a small budget wedding. Some decorative items include tulle, flowers, ribbons, garlands and banners. We choose materials according to our color and design preferences. This is especially true of flowers and ribbons tied to the front, side and back of the car. Ribbons are very versatile in car decoration.

Green garland

A car with flowers in the trunk
Description automatically generated with low confidenceWhether your wedding style is rustic, bohemian or classic, this flashy green garland is an easy addition to your tourist car. Your wedding florist can give you tips on how to tie a garland properly so that it stays in place. Balloons Use letter balloons to deliver a fun message on the rear bumper of the car! In addition to “cheers,” some celebration options include “I do,” your initials or your wedding date. Sticker If the minimum details are too high for you, you need to go overboard! An original “Just Married” sticker is a stylish wedding car decoration idea that meets the point but also keeps things simple. When used properly, they create patterns on the vehicle. The ribbon can be tied with different types of bows. A garland is a layout of flowers and leaves formed in a ring. At weddings, garlands have fresh flowers and greenery. They are usually made in a flower shop and then moved.
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