October 13, 2021

Titan Smartwatches – Move Your World To Your Wrist, 2021

Titan Smartwatches - Move Your World To Your Wrist, 2021

Titan Smartwatches

Titan Smartwatches: In the old analogue days, the sole purpose of putting on a watch was to be able to tell time. That’s all, no frills, just a glance at the clock hands. But cut to the new millennium and our list of needs is a lot longer. The obvious function of timekeeping aside, we expect the devices we keep close at hand, to keep track of our activities, sleep, calories, vital stats, communication and appointments, just to name a few things. Essentially, we need our digital gear to be remarkably smart, so we can give our brains a break. I mean, who has the time to remember a scheduled dentist visit at 3 PM on a Monday, when you have multiple deadlines piling up, back to back meetings to attend to, and a cranky boss breathing down your neck? Untill, of course, a loud beep goes off and the reminder alert flashes across the screen of your device! 

With these heavy millennial expectations in mind, Titan recently launched a smart solution to keeping our life neatly organised. And the best part is, it requires us to do nothing except for clasping it around our wrist, and letting the device take care of the rest! Launched early in the month of August on Amazon India, Titan Connected X is a unique, full-touch smartwatch designed to be the most helpful digital assistant ever. It’s the successor of the Titan Connected smartwatch, which had already proved to be a massive hit amongst the masses. 

The Titan Connected X smartwatch, is an intelligent device replete with all the high-tech features we need to keep our lives on track. To begin with, it boasts of a 1.2” full-touch colour screen display with analogue hands, along with a customisable watch face. In terms of the things it can do for you, the Titan Connected X Smartwatch comes with functions like activity tracking, calendar alerts and customised reminders, weather updates, camera and music control, and a “find your phone” feature. It’s also equipped with a number of fitness-related functions, such as tracking your sleep and calorie intake, and monitoring your heart rate. 

But if you think in exchange for all these features, you would need to wear a drab, dull band on your wrist, you’re mistaken. You see, the Titan Connected X device, aims to bridge the gap between being smart and staying stylish. Which is why it comes in 3 uber-cool variants – jet black, khakhi green and copper brown, each equally elegant.

As if bring powered with all these immensely useful high-tech features wasn’t enough, the Titan Connected X Smartwatch will also give you 3 day smart and 30-day analogue battery life, just with a single charge!

India’s most popularly adored watch brand, has officially launched this wonder-device in the market, ready to be picked up by whoever needs it. And given the state of our current lives, I think all of us do. Functional, innovative, helpful AND good-looking, the Titan Connected X Smartwatch is a device we’d highly recommend to anybody looking to get their life in order. 

Titan Connected X Smartwatch Price 

INR 11,995

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