August 8, 2021


Relaxo Footwear stepped into the footwear industry in 1976 promoted by M L Dua  and R K Dua .It started off with the manufacture of Hawaii slippers and subsequently diversified into manufacturing casuals, joggers, school and leather shoes. Relaxo is one of India’s most quality conscious and progressive footwear companies. Headquartered in Delhi, India, it maintains a fine combination of comfort, style and workmanship and is embarking upon appreciable growth plans for the future
Relaxo has experienced a record–breaking growth rate of 4800% within the last 10 years! From a modest sale of around Rs. 1 million in the year 77–78, it has today crossed the Rs. 2000 million+ figure. 
Relaxo has the capacity to manufacture over 100 million pairs, per annum. It is second only to Bata – a name of international repute in the footwear market. 
In India, Relaxo has a customer base of around 100 million people. 
Relaxo’s capacity to manufacture 300,000 pairs of Hawaii slippers per day is the highest in the footwear industry.
The company is empowered by a team of experienced, mature, dynamic and result oriented professionals with an experience in varied fields of marketing, finance, production, HRD and administration. It is headed by 6 Directors, a President (operations), 5 GMs and over 30 managers. 
Relaxo employs over 2500 personnel who are well trained in their respective production activities including 400 officials spread over all 9 manufacturing units and the corporate office.  
Employees are induced to in house training programs and outside workshops sponsored by leading institutions to broaden their existing working knowledge and experience.
Product range of the company includes:
Relaxo Footwear is a premier Indian brand manufacturing Slippers, Joggers, Casuals and School shoes. It has an extensive range within each category
  • Hawai
  • Canvas
  • Dip
  • Bahamas
  • Leatherite
  • Joggers
  • Flite
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