October 6, 2021

How Delivery And Driver Jobs Is A Secured Job Opportunity?

How Delivery And Driver Jobs Is A Secured Job Opportunity?

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The demand for delivery boys and driver jobs has been on the rise as the fear of the virus rises and more number of people stay home ordering essential and non-essential items online. In fact, e-commerce retailers have amped up the hiring process with Amazon India announcing 50000 job openings in its delivery network and Flipkart hiring around 4000 delivery workers in just a month of April. If you are a delivery worker or a driver looking for the latest job openings during COVID-19, now is the best time to monetize the situation and get hired.

  1. The pandemic and the lockdown — Before the pandemic, online retailers and e-grocers were trying hard to find a firm foothold in India where a large section of people still prefer shopping at brick and mortar stores despite several benefits the e-commerce companies have to offer to them. But COVID-19 changed everything. With the entire country in lockdown and people practicing social distancing by staying at homes, more people shopped online creating an imperceptible pressure on these e-commerce companies. To meet up with this increased demand, e-commerce retailers boosted the hiring process and started hiring drivers and delivery workers in large numbers with few companies even offering increased salaries and benefits to them.
  2. Understaffed e-commerce companies — E-commerce companies are understaffed currently and are unable to handle the significant rise in the orders. The COVID-19 situation was not predicted and they are definitely unprepared to handle the situation. For instance, Grofers application, one of the leading online grocery stores, witnessed over 1.5 million customers trying to order every day during the lockdown. But due to the lack of staff and constraints imposed by the government, they were only able to assist one out of eight customers. As a result, e-commerce companies are on a hiring spree currently trying to hire as many delivery workers and drivers as possible.
  3. Migrant workers returning home — During the onset of the pandemic, about 60 to 70% of migrant workers in Delhi returned home, according to an estimate by the Trader’s bodies. This exodus created a massive labor shortage with companies trying to fill this gap by hiring blue-collar workers. And even though several migrant workers have returned, a large number still haven’t due to the fear of getting infected by the virus.
  4. The rise in the number of warehouses — Several e-commerce companies now aim to deliver groceries and food items the same day you order them. Consequently, they are opening a number of warehouses closer to their customers’ locations for efficiency and to increase product quality while delivering them. With an increase in the number of warehouses, the demand for delivery driver jobs is also increasing each passing day.
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