February 25, 2021

FAU-G is getting Team Deathmatch mode – Get your Squad ready

FAU-G is getting Team Deathmatch mode - Get your Squad ready

Action shooter FAU-G will get a Team Deathmatch mode soon. Actor Akshay Kumar tweeted about the Upcoming Team Deathmatch mode of the game. “Find your Friends, Form your Squad, Fight For Freedom! FAU-G’s multiplayer Team Deathmatch mode is Coming Soon!”


     FAU-G is developed by nCore Games, an Indian video game studio. The free-to-play mobile game was launched recently on the Android platform after the departure of PUBG from India left fans disheartened. For now, FAU-G comes with a single-player campaign. The game is also expected to get a battle royale mode in the future, as confirmed by nCore Games founder and CEO Vishal Gondal.

     As of now, the action shooter is not comparable to PUBG except in the nomenclature but when the battle royale mode arrives, FAU-G will surely be under the critical scan of PUBG lovers in the country who are denied even the opportunity to have ‘chicken dinners’.

     How FAU-G adapts to the premium gaming smartphones in the future is also something to watch out for. Right now, it is a lightweight game, so that it could run well on low-priced smartphones also. But to help ratchet up the popularity of the game amongst the Indian audience, nCore needs to come up with more promising ideas and technical aspects than just stories based on the Indian armed forces. The announcement of the Team Deathmatch mode is a welcome addition to the game but it has still got big shoes to fill.

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