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Riding your first car as a newlywed is an exciting and precious moment. Decorating your own set of wheels can help make this moment even more special, so we’re sharing some of our favorite wedding car decoration ideas to brighten your imagination. Whether it’s on the way to your reception after your ceremony, or at the end of the night when you say goodbye to your guests and make your splendid departure, car rides may be one of the first (and some) opportunities for you. Chances are. Have a great time with your spouse on this big day – then count it!

Traditionally, it is the responsibility of the wedding party (especially the groom) to decorate the holiday car, but you can consider it as your wedding planner, style conscious friend, or take care of it yourself.

Wedding Car Decorating Ideas That Are Really The Most Different! If you have noticed, the wedding car has its own life. It has a personality, a character and a spirit that is very much “own”. Those racing cars are part of your wedding story, and the farewell photo is always a “newlywed” wedding car with hanging boxes. Read on, because we have a long list of wedding car decoration ideas for super cool gateway cars that will make your first ride as a wedding couple very memorable.

Wedding Car Decoration: Some Fancy Ideas To Getaway in Style

  1. The Ballooned Beetle

There is nothing sweeter than the open-top beetle and your brand new bride is with you! Add some balloons and a retro “Just Married” tag and you have the most beautiful wedding car in the world.

  1. Flowers & Bon-net

Your lovely car is as bright and shiny as your big day. Why make it scary with leftover flowers that the florist is trying to push. Stick to the idea of a simple wedding car decoration like a stylish full-net-over-the-bonnet style decoration for your wedding car.

  1. A Simple Diagonal Ribbon

A simple diagonal ribbon tied to the car’s radiator from the windscreen. Works best if the car is vintage as the look and feel of the car is highlighted. If you have an old family car or old beauty that you have borrowed for the wedding, this is the best and perhaps the most subtle way to decorate it for your wedding.

  1. The Coloured Bow-tie

Bow ties are not only for the beautiful bride and groom, but also get one for your wedding car! An extra large reticulated bow tie in white and yellow with a matching bouquet of colorful flowers on your car boot is not only an offbeat idea, but also a good idea.

  1. Mr & Mrs. Theme Wedding Car Decoration

A very simple DIY idea. Cut Thermocol alphabetically so that it looks like Mr. and Mrs. Banner in a row. A simple cloth-band decoration over Cupids and grills on each end of the string adds to the look and charm of this simple DIY gateway car decoration.

  1. Tin Cans

We can’t resist the idea of this classic wedding car decoration, and if you’re a fan of tradition, you’ll probably agree! The Teen Box is a wonderful wedding detail – in life and when can you walk the streets and, following you, grab everyone’s attention? Packing cans on your bumper may seem like a no-brainer, but if you don’t take the time to plan everything (seriously), they run the risk of looking loose. Needless to say, just make sure to use the empty box! Then, remove any labels from the boxes, and attach them using durable strings or ropes that won’t break after a few minutes of driving.

7.Wedding Hashtag

If you’re having your whole wedding party, you’ll probably need a larger vehicle, such as a private shuttle or school bus. Use that extra space to decorate the party with your wedding hashtag! Thanks to family ties, the couple painted their hashtag on the side of the bus, but custom sign is a great temporary option that is easily removed on your wedding day.


  • How to decorate your car for a wedding?

How To Decorate Your Wedding Car The best way to decorate a wedding car is to have a bonnet or bouquet on the hatchback of the car. You can stylishly fill the rest of your car with flowers. And, we suggest you give preference to natural flowers over artificial flowers, as car decoration of fresh flowers for the wedding will create a taste of liveliness in the car

  • Who decorates the getaway car?

Traditionally, it is the responsibility of the wedding party (especially the bride and groom) to decorate the holiday car, but you can decide to leave it to your wedding planner, style conscious friend or take care of it yourself.

  • What is the wedding car decoration for Groom in Pakistani / Indian wedding?

Pakistani / Indian wedding has red and white wedding car decoration for the groom. This is for indian and pakistani wedding groom car beautiful wedding car decoration stock hd image. Beautiful Wedding Car Decoration With Flowers And Ribbon Stock HD Images.

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